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O lucky patcher recebeu uma nova atualização e está compatível com muito mais jogos

Antes de ver você precisar ter a versão mais atualizada do lucky patcher

Agora Confira a lista dos jogos compatíveis

 1-ROBOWAR robot VS aliens
2-real racing 3
3-hot Wheels-race off
4-master of cards TCG game
5-frisbee(R)forever 2
7-robo5 : 3D action puzzle
8-connect It.wood puzzle
9-where's my Water? 2
10-star wars puzzle droids
11-real boxing
12-smash cops heat
13-boumey bits
14-beauty and The Beats
15-toon shooters 2 : freelancer (online)
16-inside out thought bubbles
17-maleficent Free fall
18-tadpoble Tap
19-virtual beggar
20-ley roppes
21-monster dash
22-MMX racing (online)
23-city sland 2 building story
24-cartoon Wars Blade
25-sniper gun 3D Hitman shooters
26-taps to riches
27-mega jump 2
28-smash bandits racing
29-disney emoji bitz
30-piewdiepie's tiver simulator
31-battle Empire : Rome war game
32-just shout
33-street skater 3D
34-snowboard master 3D
35-stickman fight
36-modern sniper
37-Xtreme Hill racing
38-fishing mania 3D
39-glory wings
40-minesweeper flags
41-spacer crush
42-robbery Bob
43-modern command
44-weed firn - replaned
45-dragon finga
46-goldrush coin fails
47-star away! - idle star stream story
48-hibachi hero
49-cube critters (online)
50-fishy bits 2
51-sticked man fighting
52-wresting champion 3D
53-desert worms
55-super Phantom cat 2
56-monster Island
57-santa madness
58-wild run
59-nyam cat- The space journey
60-make Money rain-cash clicker
61-song of pan
62-badminton league
63-on The run
64-bridge constructon simulator
65-drone Shadow strike
66-Istun 2
67-never ever second chance
68-just get 10
69-bubble search
70-jungle Jumping
71-extreme forklifing 2
72-fishing simulator Hook & catch
73-building a bridge
74-toutchgrind BMX
75-bacon space
76-toutchgrind skate 2
77-undead killer Z
78-starland - connect The gems
79-hunger games - panem run
80-the BFG GAME
81-high speed police Chase (online)
82-zoombies attack
83-bid wards : pawn Empire
84-tiny gladiators (online)
85-age of Wind 3
86-zoombies got a pogo
87-UFB rampage-ultimate Monster
88-car draving simulator (online)
89-oii Hunt 2 -brithday party
90-monster fishing - lure & catch
91-world war 2
92-drift Max Pro -car drifiting game
93-talking tom pool
94-streampunk syndcate
95-extreme racing aventure
96-gun club armory
97- brawl smash- minign shooter
99-dash rush
100-forest home
101-overdrive-ninja Shadow revenge
102-game of Warriors
103-gun club 3- virtual weapon sim
104-desert storm grande gummer FPS game
105-subdivision infinity
106-race The tráfic nitro
107-run fish run
108-word sparch Magic
109-escape Titanic
110-bird climb
111-optical inquisitor 17+
112-flappy golf 2
113-dr. Parking 4
114-dreamcage scape
115-little gunfight 2 - SWAT (online)
116-castle cats: épic story quest
117-sling Kong
118-real basketball (online)
119-thunder fighter
120-happy Magic witch
121-checkpoint Champion
122-punch Quest
123-small fry
125-doofus drop
126-Gx racing (online)
127-sing a Kitty
128-mini racing adventure (online)
129-this or that
130-brofist: beat The bullies
131-Gx Monsters (online)
132-farming simulator 14
133-turkey blast: reloaded
134-mike V: skateboard party lite
135-fighting dead
136-smash The office - stress fix
137-race Max
138-hooked inc. Fisher Tycoon
139-simple truths
140-cops and robbers! (Online)
141-drift mania Championships 2 LE
142-king of opera - party game!
143-stickman dowhill monstertruck
144-dustoff Heli Resene 2
146-running circles
147-2048 dally Challenges
148-neko gatcha - cat collector
149-daytona rush
150-RGB express
151-litlle gunfight counter terrorist (online)
152-ground operation
153-give It up!
154-pop in MY soup
155-gummy heroes
156-the pirate plague of The dead
157-driver dash
158-rolly bally
159-mascot dunks
160-jump buddles
161-gravity evolved (online)
163-hex commander: fantasy heroes
164-currot defence
165-cyber swiper
166-anime gatcha!
167-tower dash
168-lemons - flappy jump game
169-follow The line 2
170-splashy dots
171-kingdoom rush
172-zoombie defense
174-4X4 ham HD
175-fancy cats- Katy cat dress up
176-tile remove
177-ropes and dragons mobile
179-drifty Chase
180-ring mania
181-geometry race
182-inch by inch
183-hellrider 2
184-speed racing - street racer
185-counter Assault forces
186-hockey fight lite
187-snowboard party Aspen
189- Miner map
190-zoombies after me!
191- kubom (online)
192-badminton league
193-rally racer dirty
194-rocket racer
195-zoombies and Guns
196-zoombies gunship Free
197-tower madness 2
198-edge drive
199-drifiting School bus
200-nuts! Infinite Forest run

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